Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Communism Rising in Japan? Plus, Manga Marx

Hmmmm. How can you tell this is a Japanese story? Here's a piece of it:
Publishers have also produced a manga, or comic, version of Das Kapital, Karl Marx's treatise on how capitalism would collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.
Hey, everyone, AGAIN: Communism has never worked. It doesn't work now. It will never work.

I appreciate the fact that people are upset about the recession, but turning to outdated, discredited old dogma isn't going to help.

Here's a reminder of what's what:


Brian J. Dunn said...

Quick test for whether Marxism works: did it cost money to produce and are the publishers charging money for the manga?

If so, Marxism doesn't work.

Mad Minerva said...


lumpy said...

Nah, ol' Karl never minded taking capitalist money - he lived off the backs of Engels's workers for years, drinking and smoking and getting the maid pregnant while writing his books. Marxism works just fine, as long as you can hookwink the capitalists into funding it.

Mad Minerva said...

That explains why campus Marxists are seem to be rich kids...

lumpy said...

Indeed. Karl has a very interesting biography that in many ways parallels the lives of those who follow him now, except Karl actually knew something about political oppression and economic hardship first-hand.

And, 'hookwink'? Sorry. I must have run out of ds without realizing it. Off to the typographers to restock the cupboard.