Monday, October 19, 2009

Public Service Announcement: About Mao

Dear Anita Dunn,

Chairman Mao was a tyrant, dictator, and bloody murderer who openly slaughtered or caused the deaths or oppression of millions of Chinese. He plunged his entire nation into a miserable wallow of death, starvation, terror, and blood, all under the iron fist of the rulers -- an iron fist that remains to this day. He is NOT a hero, and you are clearly an useful idiot of the first degree to think so and, even more, to declare it in public. You should be ashamed of yourself, if not for your fatuous ignorance or willful ignoring of history, then for insulting -- and indeed trampling on -- the memory of every single person who died or suffered because of the monster named Mao.

I know that you now claim that you were joking. If you were, then your behavior is even more deplorable and reprehensible than I'd previously thought.

Disgustedly yours,
Mad Minerva

Dear Mr. President, it is time to throw Ms. Dunn under the bus like you've done to so many others of your increasingly shabby entourage.

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