Sunday, January 24, 2010

John Yoo 1, Jon Stewart 0

I finally had time this afternoon to watch this interview from last week. You know I usually love Stewart even if he is a liberal, but take a look at this interview, complete with links to commentary thereon. Stewart went in thinking he would shred Yoo and make him squirm, but Yoo stood his ground and even landed some haymakers in the most polite, patient way.

I love this bit of post-interview analysis (my emphasis):
How did he do it? It's a question John Yoo has been getting a lot lately. How did he manage to outwit Jon Stewart? ("He slipped through my fingers," Stewart recalled after Yoo's recent appearance on The Daily Show. "It was like interviewing sand.") Easy, says Yoo. "I've spent my whole career learning to settle down unruly college students who have not done the reading."
As a teacher, I say, OHHH, YES.

More on John Yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general during the Bush Administration and current professor of law at Berkeley, here.

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