Saturday, October 06, 2012

Follow-Up: New York's Stuy Entrance Exam Controversy

I had noted the controversy here.  Here's a follow-up in the form of gentle reader and Stuy alum Eric's comment on the NAACP "othering" Asians in the Stuy entrance exam kerfuffle. Here's a blurb:
The NAACP isn’t contesting the neutrality of the exam. ... their claim is based on the result. The problem is the NAACP’s solution calls for race-based disparate treatment, which is a worse civil rights violation than disparate impact. 
I’m not angling towards separation. I’m calling out the NAACP for separating Asians. I agree that we should be able to trust the NAACP to guard the interests of Asian children – not ‘other’ and sacrifice Asians in order to favor other minority groups.  
You know what’s insulting? Read the NAACP complaint and see how it marginalizes Asians with the rhetorical trick of grouping together “either whites or Asian Americans”.

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Eric said...

The blogger I responded to honestly seemed caught off-guard and uncomprehending of the notion that Asian American interests are independent from and NOT meekly subordinate to black and Latino-dominated minority interests. I recommend checking out the post and comment thread, which I linked.

The same degrading view of Asian interests was evident in the Lowell HS case: minority activists were upset that Lowell's Asian parent-litigants placed Asian children's interests ahead of a minority coalition solidarity that favored black and Latinos at the expense of Asians.

Like the blogger reacted to me, the Cali activists accused the Lowell parents of breaking faith with the greater minority cause.

You mentioned before the anti-Asian quotas at top universities that hide their race-based preferences and quotas within subjective, shifting multi-measure/multiple-factor admissions processes. That's the model for the multi-measure admissions process the NAACP is pushing to replace the SHSAT. A SCOTUS-approved workaround to the disparate treatment roadblock.