Thursday, October 04, 2012

"Standing Like A Girl" Only Works If (A) You're A Girl and (B) You're Wearing Awesome Heels

That's my response to this.  OK, we all know that posture matters in public speaking.  Now I don't care if I sound "sexist" or whatever, so here's my bit of advice: If you're stuck at a podium, guys, you shouldn't put up a foot because it looks stupid and sloppy.  Nobody should, really, because it's a fidget.  

BUT if you're a girl, you can get away with it once a speech/presentation 

  • if you're wearing beautiful heels (and preferably have good ankles and/or great stems) and 
  • if you do it slowly and gracefully and 
  • if you don't also slouch or break eye contact with the audience.
I've done it myself on occasion for the simple reason that high heels can be uncomfortable and it helps sometimes to shift your weight on those teetering structures.  But having said that, I freely admit that it's not fair and it's gendered and all, but if you're a guy in wingtips, you should not do this.  (Besides, you don't have the "high heels hurt" reasoning.  What's your excuse?)

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