Saturday, September 14, 2013

Putin vs. Obama in Images

You know, waaaay back in early August, before the Syrian fustercluck had really happened, Iowahawk said something that I think is well worth repeating now that we've seen how Putin played Obama like a fiddle and completely outmatched him.  At the time the tweet was mostly just a sassy quip.  Now it's not so funny, is it?

Buzzfeed just did a brutal photo comparison of the two doing photo-ops, and well, here it is, kids, because it makes Iowahawk's tweet all too concrete.  Yeah, Buzzfeed is evil and stupid and likes to steal images and links and stuff, but it just might say something about Obama's plummeting level of "cool" that even a silly, often-juvenile outfit read by undergrads who like celebrity gossip and puppies does this:


Unfair?  Maybe.  But not necessarily untrue in what the comparison says about the public image and reputation of these two.  I never drank the Obama Kool-Aid, so I'm looking around at colleagues and former Kool-Aid drinkers now surprised and increasingly appalled at the sort of empty suit they elected to office not just once but twice while preening in their own self-righteousness as they did.  Now the whole thing has blown up in our collective faces.  Shocker, eh?  The Putin thing is unspinnable, no matter how hard the White House spin doctors try.  Obama aside, this is bad for the country ... and everybody who thinks a world dominated by the likes of Russia, China, and Iran would be a Very Bad Thing.  Shall we end with a bitter laugh?

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