Monday, March 28, 2011

Liveblogging: Obama's Libya Speech Is a Belated, Muddled, Unconvincing Mess

That's my first impression.  He sounds like a member of a high school debate team trying to refute every point of the opposition team.  Plus: criticizing the Iraq War while defending the Libyan intervention.  Heh, it's like saying, "my coalition war is better than your coalition war."  Ungracious, not to mention numerically false.  Bonus: Obama pedantically explaining where Libya is on the map.  Really?

UPDATE 1:  OMG!  He said he'd use the military "unilaterally if necessary"!   That sound you hear is a million lefty peacenik heads exploding. 

UPDATE 2:  This speech is sounding more and more like EVERY OTHER BORING EGGHEAD LECTURE I'VE EVER HEARD ON CAMPUS.  

UPDATE 3: *groan*  SHOOT ME NOW.  OK, so while you're going to drippily mouth platitudes about a brighter future for Americans and everybody, you cannot and did not give us any clue of the endgame in Libya -- a thing that is much more concrete and pressing!  

UPDATE 4: In retrospect, what a mealymouthed speech that gives us the words about American exceptionalism and nobility and yet delivers them without the real passion of conviction.  Here are some analyses that make points worth noting: "Hope is not a method, and wishes are not plans," "The President's Speech," and the thought that the speech raises more questions than it answers.  Y'think? Oh, and for the umpteenth time, there is a contradiction in saying BOTH "Qaddafi must go" AND "we're not after regime change."  Powerline comments.  Is it any wonder that the near-universal reaction to the speech was a resounding "meh"?

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