Monday, October 03, 2011

History Lesson: Prohibition

Kyle Smith has a review of the new PBS documentary, and he piquantly observes:
“Prohibition,” a three-part miniseries that ... comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, has many lessons to teach us about such antiquated, 1920s-era ideas as federal overreach, unfunded mandates to states, runaway taxation, a belief that great political leaders can accelerate human progress, crony capitalism, and of course the dire need of Washington to take steps to improve the lot of the poor and the children. 
In other words, “Prohibition” is, to an almost mischievous extent, an investigative report about 2011.
By the way, the documentary's website is here.

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lumpy said...

Fascinating. I wasn't terribly interested in the series until this.

Hm, maybe we can look forward to a "MM in the Kitchen (or behind the bar)" recommendation for appropriate beverages to enjoy while watching "Prohibition"?