Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Operation Iraqi Freedom 10 Years Ago

Eric over at Eric's Learning Curve will be doing a series of posts on Iraq, beginning with this one today.  The whole series is sure to be worth a read.  Has it really been 10 years?  Dignified Rant also weighs in.  


Eric said...

Ah. Pressure to perform.

I don't have any structured plan for what, when, and how much, but I'm sure I'll have things to say - I've tacked some thoughts onto the post already and I haven't even started digging into my 171 prior posts on Iraq. I'd like to read your reactions and thoughts on the subject.

Mad Minerva said...

No pressure at all! I just thought it'd be good to alert everyone to your project. :-)

Eric said...


Here's how my "series" finished:

That's the 3rd part. I also recommend reading the 1st part, which has a lot of meat. The 2nd part is 2 heart-warming pictures.