Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Operation Iraqi Freedom 10 Years Ago

Eric over at Eric's Learning Curve will be doing a series of posts on Iraq, beginning with this one today.  The whole series is sure to be worth a read.  Has it really been 10 years?  Dignified Rant also weighs in.  


Eric said...

Ah. Pressure to perform.

I don't have any structured plan for what, when, and how much, but I'm sure I'll have things to say - I've tacked some thoughts onto the post already and I haven't even started digging into my 171 prior posts on Iraq. I'd like to read your reactions and thoughts on the subject.

Mad Minerva said...

No pressure at all! I just thought it'd be good to alert everyone to your project. :-)

Eric said...


Here's how my "series" finished:

That's the 3rd part. I also recommend reading the 1st part, which has a lot of meat. The 2nd part is 2 heart-warming pictures.


Eric said...


I believe I've given the link to my Operation Iraqi Freedom FAQ at http://learning-curve.blogspot.com/2014/05/operation-iraqi-freedom-faq.html in comments here before, but I don't recall that I've asked you directly to review it with your historian's eye and give me critical feedback.

Following the 10th anniversary posts, the OIF FAQ is my latest attempt to correct the prevalent false narrative about OIF. Its distinctive hooks are the emphasis on the continuity between Clinton and Bush on Iraq and it hews to the bedrock law and policy, fact basis of the mission.

So, here it is: I invite you to review my OIF FAQ and give me critical feedback on the whole thing but especially my answers to 'Did Bush lie his way to war with Iraq?' and 'Was Operation Iraqi Freedom legal?'. If it passes muster, I hope you'll pass it around.

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