Thursday, May 09, 2013

Public Service Announcement: On Being Gracious

Graciousness is an endangered trait these days, and I am all for bringing it back.  This is excellent stuff here and valuable life advice.  A bit of it:
Remember that the only representation of you, no matter what your station, is you — your presentation, your demeanor. You simply must attend. Stand when someone enters the room, especially if you are lowly and he is the boss, and even if the reverse is true. Look them in the eye. Ask yourself: Does anybody need an introduction? If so, before you say one word about business, introduce them to others with pleasure in your voice. If you can't muster enthusiasm for the people you happen upon in life, then you cannot be gracious. Remember, true graciousness demands that you have time for others.
A friend of mine once said that there are really two commandments in life: (1) Be Cool, and (2) Don't Be A Jerk.  Being gracious and courteous is, I'll argue, part of being cool. 

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