Monday, November 04, 2013

This Isn't Fun Anymore

I guess by "this" I mean observing and commenting on domestic and foreign politics.  The inmates are running the asylum.  Everywhere I turn utter madness is running rampant.   Commentary via animated gifs below:

Come on, the way this preposterously incompetent government is running, my baby cousins could do a better job, and they can barely crawl.   You know you suck when even Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter! - criticizes your performance.  That's like the Three Stooges saying that you have no dignity.  The administration's performance in just about every sphere can be best described with this:

Let's talk about Obamacare briefly, shall we?  Or let's not.  The brain trust in charge of this utter fiasco can't even get the website working.  You want these clowns in charge of your health?  As for this entire wrongheaded enterprise and its endless parade of flat-out fibs that's left millions of Americans with canceled insurance, let me just say this:

Basically, the discourse is toxic on all levels, but I am going to slam the "leadership" in particular because it's setting the tone, and boy howdy, have they been setting the most petulant, adversarial tone possible.  Now every time there's some spin-doctored utterance from "official" channels, this is all I can think of in response:

I'm looking at you, Jay Carney.

All I can say (and maybe I'm just having a really bad night) is the hell with it, with all of it.  This is how I feel:

Well, my darlings, I'm off!  I haven't any practical suggestions for what to do about the madness, except perhaps for:

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Eric said...

Nice use of the Molly Ringwold gif. After all these years, I still can't figure out whether she's attractive, but she was iconically masterful (mistressful?) at teen girl expressions.