Monday, February 17, 2014

Bawl-ympics: NBC Hits New Low with Emotional Abuse

You know, I didn't post on this last night because my Olympic-viewing buddies and I were in a complete frothing, cursing rage, and I thought it would be better to wait until this morning and see if I were any less mad before commenting.


The crew and I were furious last night when we all sent nasty messages and tweets to NBC, and we're still furious.  We're talking about NBC's unacceptable treatment of skier Bode Miller. I refuse to link to NBC itself, but sports blogs are all over this, aside from Twitter, which had a meltdown.

NBC seemed bound and determined to hound Miller until he broke down on camera ... and when he did, they still followed him like a flock of voyeuristic vultures.  It was absolutely disgusting to see this pack of heartless ratings-grubbers openly exploit a man's raw grief over the death of his brother.  It was abusive.  It was wrong.

Miller took the high road and tweeted this:
I beg to differ. It was her fault, and it was NBC's fault for making this sort of thing acceptable, and it was NBC's fault again for choosing to broadcast this interview over and over.  SCREW THIS HORRIBLE NETWORK.

But lest we all forget the really important part: Congratulations, Bode, on your bronze medal and making skiing history!

PS: See too this point.

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