Friday, May 30, 2014

Haters Gonna Hate, Plus Your Quote of the Day

Hey, remember the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign? 14,000 more people have joined since my post, and everyone's getting really pumped! 

So of course this must bring out the haters.  Now usually I wouldn't bother linking to their stuff, but I can't resist noting this ignorant, misleading, borderline slanderous, and egregiously terrible (and terribly written) nonsense that appeared in the WaPo because - for once in Internet history - the comments are worth reading.

Hey, if you're going to dump on Reading Rainbow, you better get ready for pushback from Reading Rainbow fans who - because they love reading - will be able to write some articulate, truly sharp zingers in response.

My favorite comment is also my pick for the quote of the day:
Stephen4315/28/2014 7:44 PM EDT 
Levar could spend my pledge on cocaine & hookers for all I care. The guy helped teach me a lifelong love of reading, and I owe him back for that.   
However, I really don't expect he'll spend it all on cocaine & hookers. I expect that given the amount of time he's pledged to record video messages and to visit school assemblies for elementary school kids, he'll be doing exactly what he said he'll do. I hope he makes a profit. I hope he makes a billion dollars teaching kids to love reading. I hope this kicks off a gold-rush/tech-boom/real-estate-bubble where people are getting rich teaching kids worthwhile and mind expanding activities.  
Either way, our pledge is getting us an autographed copy of his new children's book which I intend to read to our first child, due this fall. I'm happy knowing Reading Rainbow will exist in his world.

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