Friday, April 20, 2012

Holy Moly! Disney Really Does Have An Army of Killer Cats?!

Alessandra and I were just a teensy bit flabbergasted when we read this little write-up today about 10 Secrets from the Wonderful World of Disney.  Just look at #2, will ya?
Each night at Disneyland, after the sunburned families and exhausted cast members have made their way home, the park fills up again - this time, with hundreds of feral cats. Park officials love the felines because they help control the mouse population. (After all, a park full of cartoon mice is more enticing than a park full of real ones.) But these cats aren’t a new addition to the Disney family. They first showed up at Disneyland soon after it opened in 1955, and rather than spending time chasing them away, park officials decided to put the cats to work. Today, there are plenty of benefits to being a Disney-employed mouser. When they’re not prowling the ground, these corporate fat cats spend their days lounging at one of the park’s five permanent feeding stations. Of course, Disney also goes to great lengths to manage its feline population. Wranglers at the park work to spay and neuter adult cats, and any time kittens are found, they’re put up for adoption.
OK.  We had first heard about this feline army in a hilarious exchange between Conan O'Brien and a certain charming Canadian, and I frankly didn't think much about the cat story.  I kind of assumed it was mostly a shooting-the-breeze kind of half-joking story.  But apparently it's for real.  This thing about Disney's army of commando kitties is for serious.  Good Lord! ... Ryan, I'll never doubt you again.

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