Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pajama Boy: What The Hell Is THIS?

The people entrusted with Obamacare publicity actually think this is a good idea?  Even left-wing shill MSNBC can't stop guffawing.  Rich Lowry calls this smug little hipster fool in a plaid onesie (a onesie!) "an insufferable man-child," and I can't agree more.  I finally survive finals and emerge into the land of the living and ... run smack into this insultingly infantilizing mess.  Hell, I think I would rather be drowning in my exam-week books and papers, where for two weeks I was too busy to notice the government's ongoing descent into oblivious self-parody.  

While we're on the topic, let me just say that nothing is a bigger turn-off than smug urban-cool hipster guys who think they're smarter and cuter than they really are.  Ugh.  If this is what "enlightened" guys are supposed to be like these days, give me a rugged, unreconstructed, unapologetic cowboy any day of the week.  You know, someone who actually has a confident definition for "self-reliance" and "masculinity." 


Eric said...

They’re trying to make Obamacare into a part of a cultural identity independently of its rational merits.

I wonder whether inducing mockery is also an intent of the Obamacare ad campaign. It's exaggerated in a way that invites mockery while highlighting specific identity groups.

If, for example, the caricature of millenials is mocked in connection with Obamacare, would that not motivate millenials to circle their wagons around Obamacare as part of, and in defense of, their identity, no matter the policy's merits?

Whatever they may lack in ethics and responsible governance, I don't ever underestimate their propaganda capability.

The Left's political strategy is based heavily on race war, gender war, class war, etc. - culture war. Identity politics. Let’s you and them fight about personal matters, while we divide and conquer the nation.

If they can successfully shift the Obamacare controversy away from rational criticism on the substantive problems and into an intra-group culture war, it places the Left in their comfort zone while distracting the public attention from the real problems with the policy.

So, folks mocking the exaggerated stereotypes/archetypes in the Obamacare ad campaign may well be dancing to the Left's music and pushing people to support a policy they otherwise might not.

Eric said...

Add: Unease over Obamacare is an issue with which the Right can rally different groups of Americans, but not if they're mocking each other.

Mad Minerva said...

I pity the fool who actually IDENTIFIES with Pajama Twerp. Ugh.