Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quote of the Day: Big Government

Has the staggering growth of the federal establishment made America a better, more humane, more optimistic place to live? Obviously it is possible to single out this or that law or regulation or expenditure and show that it has been beneficial. Not even the most ardent libertarian disputes the need for federal governance of inherently national matters -- and the Constitution itself makes clear that Washington has a role to play in guaranteeing civic equality and political liberty. Yet in crucial ways, the flow of power upward to Washington has impoverished American culture and weakened civic society. [My emphasis -- MM]
My feelings can be summed up by my favorite ill-tempered Browncoat captain's sarcastic view of big government: "That's what governments are for -- to get in a man's way."  And to turn self-reliant citizens into dependent sheep and social engineering projects.  No, thanks.

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