Friday, August 12, 2011

Weird "Analysis" of the Day on the US and China

I haven't time to go into this at length, so I'll just post it  and see what you have to say about this author who says (a) war between the US and China is "inevitable," and (b) it'll be all our fault.

(OK, I will say this: it takes two to tango, pal.  The guy even admits that China's the one who refuses to back down. His sensationalist analysis is full of holes. Hey, wanna say something about China's cyberwar on everybody? Its reach into Africa for resources? Its ... Oh, never mind. I won't even bother with his mangling of Asian history.)  

A while back, Harvard prof Niall Ferguson did say something about the rivalry between the US and China, but Ferguson's take is a bit more ... measured.  I on reflex dislike "analyses" that use words like "inevitable." Frankly, if I were you, I'd pay some real attention to how other Asian nations are responding to China; see Japan, for instance.  You want real analysis about security issues and notes on China and the Pacific region?  Read Dignified Rant.

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