Thursday, February 14, 2013

LOL: An Honest Trailer for "The Notebook"

I hate, despise, and abominate The Notebook.  This savage critique fills me with wicked glee. If you want Ryan Gosling, watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.  Trust me.  

Gentlemen, I promise never to make you watch The Notebook or indeed any other sappy rom-coms on Valentine's or Any Other Day. Instead, we shall watch Die Hard or a 007 flick.



Eric said...

I know the Die Hard line is a joke from the youtube video, but it relates to a serious suggestion for any girlfriend who wants a movie that will make her boyfriend emotional:

Look for movies that venerate masculine virtues like honor and heroic sacrifice. Glory with Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick, and Denzel Washington is a good one.

It will make him misty-eyed and convey to him that you appreciate manly heroic character. That's a check in the plus column.

Mad Minerva said...

"Glory" is great! I had previously recommended it here: