Thursday, March 06, 2014

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

Block Party.

I just realized that I forgot to write up a movie review for this flick, and I've already seen it 3 times with 3 different sets of friends.  (It got better each time!)  I had, admittedly, initially been reluctant to go see it: I thought it might be a horrible 90-minute-long ad for LEGO bricks, those little interlocking blocks from Denmark that you must never, ever step on.  I've never been so happy to be so wrong!  The LEGO Movie is an absolute delight - smart, funny, witty, inventive ... It's endlessly, creatively enthralling and unexpectedly touching on multiple levels that will make both kids and grownups happy.  

The animation is brilliant, the voice cast excellent (keep an eye - I mean, an ear - out for celebrity cameos!), the music outstanding, and the narrative instantly engaging.  I fully expect this film to collect mountains of awards; I think it's a shoo-in come Oscar time next year.  I'm almost at a loss how to review it without spoiling it and its wonderful surprises.  (There is one glorious moment in particular that had the entire theatre shrieking with joy at all 3 showings that I attended.  Trust me, when you go, you'll know.)  Actually, the less you know about this flick before you go see it, the better.  Can I just say that "everything is awesome" and send you to the cinema immediately?

Mad Minerva gives The LEGO Movie the grade of A+.  Yes, you read that right.  An A+.  (And no, that's not grade inflation!)

RottenTomatoes gives it the amazingly Fresh rating of 96%.

The official website is here.

The LEGO Movie runs 100 minutes and is rated PG for animated violence and some rude humor.


lumpy said...

Thanks for the review! I had planned to skip this movie, but after reading your review decided to see it. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I may even have to get the soundtrack; the 'Batman' song is fantastic: "Darkness! ..."

Mad Minerva said...