Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nerd News: Asians vs. Affirmative Action in California


As a friend once said, "Asians don't count.  You're too successful."  

Someone else not too long ago: "You don't count as a minority.  You count as a white person."  (Me: "You know that that was the same attitude in apartheid South Africa?")


Eric said...

Meanwhile, the NAACP LDF et al campaign to replace the race-neutral, objective SHSAT (Stuyvesant test) with multi-measure, including race, subjective admissions continues apace.

The bill in the NYS Senate and Assembly:

I don't know of any groups fighting the SHSAT change.

Mad Minerva said...

They seem determined to wreck Stuy eventually, aren't they?

Eric said...

Determined? Yeah. They won't quit until they get their way, and maybe not then. Check this out: