Saturday, December 03, 2011

Euro Notes: NOW He Tells Us

The architect of the euro currency, Jacques Delors, apparently now says that the thing was doomed from the start.  Well, Milton Friedman did say that the euro wouldn't survive its first major European recession.  I had my misgivings about the whole project, and I take no pleasure really in seeing the eurozone in flames now because it's wrecking the economic lives of millions.  But the fact remains that it's becoming increasingly clear that the euro is fatally flawed.

On a related and ironically timed note, here is a new propaganda video from the European Central Bank "celebrating the first ten years of the euro."  I rather doubt that euro will see another ten years.  Dude, doesn't the ECB have any better to do than churn out propaganda and make video games?  But I digress.  On to the video, which I find unintentionally hilarious, beginning with the choice of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as the opening music.  (LOL!)


Marian said...

How crazy is this propaganda video? I especially love "look, feel and tilt method". We're definitely on the tilt method now:
"Tilt is a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive."

says the Wikipedia...

Mad Minerva said...

I had not thought about the "tilt" in poker!