Friday, September 07, 2012

Rant: I Forego Pizza for Nobody. NOBODY.

So it wasn't bad enough that the Obama campaign fundraisers suggest people give up wedding and birthday presents in order to give money, but now they're suggesting that you give up your family's pizza dinner.  Professor Althouse has the sordid details.  These people get an F- for public relations.  

Anyway, if I were a kid whose mother knowingly and deliberately refused to give me dinner so she could give that money to some stupid politician - any politician - I'd scream child abuse and look into emancipation.  BAD MOMMY!  Seriously, what kind of parent would do this?  More, what kind of parent would do that and then be so proud of it that she proceeds to tell people about it?  Even worse, what kind of dipstick campaign would then publicize this story as a good thing?  Are you advocating child hunger in the cause of your re-election?  Oh, why the hell not, if your policies will already saddle the younger generation with crushing debt?  Screw you guys!

One more thing: the simple scenario that you have to pick between dinner and a campaign contribution (besides being indicative of some serious personal idiocy) in itself makes the case that:
  1. The economy freaking sucks.
  2. Your candidate as president hasn't done enough about it.
  3. It's time for a change in leadership so we can get an economy in which YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN FOOD AND CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS.
I am once more tempted to give money to the Romney campaign out of pure spite.

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