Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Read the Declaration of Independence again (oops, link fixed now!), and then go enjoy a day of cookouts, music, fun, and - of course - fireworks!

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UPDATE: Embedded in an article about recent uprisings with problematic outcomes is this note about the American Revolution and its lasting success:
The genius of the American Revolution was that its leaders were good not only at promoting upheaval, but also at creating mechanisms to foster that upheaval over several years (a Continental Congress, a Continental Army). And then, once victory had been achieved, they created a constitutional government that protected itself while enshrining the principles they had fought for in a system that would both protect those principles and resist the efforts of counterforces to reassert themselves. The system allowed for pluralistic expression of views and smooth transitions among political groups within the society. In other words, the system preserved and was actually sustained by the energy of the revolution.
UPDATE: Let's have some videos, shall we?

From the delightful musical 1776:

From the also delightful Remy:

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