Sunday, September 21, 2014

Obama, ISIS, and the Bush Doctrine

What say you?

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Eric said...

The Bush doctrine in the War on Terror is actually the Clinton doctrine carried forward and updated with 9/11 threat considerations. See section 324 of Public Law 104-132 and Presidential Decision Directive 39.

Moreover, Congressional Democrats supported a strict enforcement of the Gulf War ceasefire under Clinton. See House Resolution 322 (12 of 19 sponsors were Democrats), Public Law 105-338, Public Law 105-235, and Clinton's Iraq enforcement that peaked with Operation Desert Fox. Public Law 107-243 (the "IWR") only updated the historical record, and summarized and restated the law and policy on Iraq accrued under HW Bush and Clinton. In fact, President Clinton, whose entire presidency was preoccupied by the Iraq enforcement, is the best source for understanding Operation Iraqi Freedom. Clinton initially endorsed Bush's GW ceasefire enforcement based on Clinton's still-fresh experience confronting Saddam.

See "President Clinton Perspective" and "US Congress Perspective":

Which is to say, Democrat opposition to Bush(/Clinton) on Iraq was a sham from the start. The Democrats spread a false narrative about Bush and OIF. The Democrats lied about their own fundamental foreign policy orientation. Obama was elected President by conning the American people.

Democrats aligning with the Bush(/Clinton) doctrine is more true than their opposition to Bush.