Friday, January 15, 2016

2016: Annus Horribilis Already

2015 was darn awful and pure dagnasty evil, and we were all happy to see the end of it.  Now I'm not so sure we're happy to see the start of 2016, or at least I'm not.  From the recent Iran incident to the utter predation on full display in Cologne to a truly surreal and absurdist State of the Union address that actually - I swear I'm not making this up - spotlighted Obama putting Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer, from the devastating death of David Bowie and then right on the heels of it the passing of Alan Rickman, it's enough to drive one to drink.  

I have only this to say to 2016: I'VE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOU, PAL.

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