Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Blog About Politics. I Lied.

I'm sorry.  But I ran across this piece by Camille Paglia about the New Hampshire primary, and I can't help quoting it:
"Despite emergency efforts by Gloria Steinem, the crafty dowager empress of feminism, to push a faltering Hillary over the finish line, Sanders overwhelmingly won women’s votes in every category except senior citizens. Last week, when she told TV host Bill Maher that young women supporting the Sanders campaign are just in it to meet boys, Steinem managed not only to insult the intelligence and idealism of the young but to vaporize every lesbian Sanders fan into a spectral non-person. 
Steinem’s polished humanitarian mask had slipped, revealing the mummified fascist within. I’m sure that my delight was shared by other dissident feminists everywhere. Never before has the general public, here or abroad, more clearly seen the arrogance and amoral manipulativeness of the power elite who hijacked and stunted second-wave feminism."
BOOM.  In fact, it's so simultaneously mordantly hilarious and accurate that I'm giving Paglia her own tag from here on out.  

So basically you're telling me that Steinem and then Madeleine Albright reverted to outright, cynical, sexist bullying in their attempt to eke out a desperate win for Hillary.  If you're a woman, you must vote for Hillary!  NOT A CHANCE, SISTER.  (And, yes, I am using "sister" in utter sarcasm.)  If I'm not going to let a man tell me how to think and vote and live, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm not going to let any woman do it either.  Thanks, by the way, for confirming every sneaking suspicion I've ever had that a lot of the hot air being bandied around under the banner of "feminism" is, at its core, about the snarling, grasping pursuit of raw, naked power.  How's that for "mean girls"?

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