Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nerd Journal: Snow-Blogging Part Deux

The horror, the horror!

As the temperatures plummet, another massive snowstorm arrives, and it's covering Nerdworld with a blanket of white doom.  I moaned about the last snowstorm, and I am (predictably) moaning about this one too.

Oh, I have plenty to do at home (a nerd's work is never done), but there's something really depressing about being snowed in with piles of work when Christmas is so close.  I really just want to leave, but I won't be able to do that for a few days -- and anyway the entire region is under a nasty Winter Storm Warning.  (I am now morbidly addicted to the Weather Channel.)

Here's a related note.  Alessandra and I were talking about food for snowstorms.  Everyone knows that in the winter here, you should have a nice little stockpile of non-perishable food in your pantry in case you get snowed in and can't leave the house for a few days.  I was looking at my cupboards while talking on the phone with Alessandra, and we were both doing a mental check-list of our caches.  

We came to the same conclusions:
  1. We have plenty of "emergency provisions."
  2. We actually don't want to eat them.
  3. They are depressing to look at.
What does this mean?  Well, by their nature such stores are non-perishable: they're dry goods or cans or boxes or packets or packages.  (Or frozen.)  None of it's that appealing, really.  Come on, they're in BOXES.  The stuff is practically indestructible.  Call me crazy, but to me "real food" is kind of . . . well, er, perishable.

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