Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nerd News: Admissions Scandal at University of Illinois Law School

How much does it cost for an unqualified student to buy his way into that law school? Apparently the price tag is jobs for 5 graduating law students. It's a jobs-for-admissions scandal.

Bonus 1: The unqualified student was supported by disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Really.

Bonus 2: The investigation is part of a bigger mess in which politically-connected and influential "patrons" supported applicants and therefore distorted the entire admissions process with a big dose of nepotistic favoritism.

Oh, and the job guarantees for the 5 graduates seem to be for people at the bottom of their class. Remember that law school rankings are influenced by their graduates' job placements. Corruption-a-palooza!

Apparently dirty Illinois political culture has seeped into the campus. Pathetically and laughably awful and stupid.


Margaret Larkin said...

It's affirmative action for the politically connected. Where's the outrage over just affirmative action? (And I'm an Illinois resident too.)

Mad Minerva said...


(And great to see you again, MJ! It's been a while!)