Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nerd News: the Quebec Student Protests

The New York Times has an op-ed about tuition hikes and student strikes.

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Anonymous said...

"Canada used to seem a progressive and just neighbor, but the picture today looks less rosy. One of its provinces has gone rogue, trampling basic democratic rights in an effort to end student protests against the Quebec provincial government’s plan to raise tuition fees by 75 percent."

I don't like the implication that this is some sort of right wing tactic. Taking away the right of free speech has a long history with progressives, especially in Canada.

This is a green on green action and it is ridiculous to imply that whenever progressives take away free speech rights the are acting like the political right. They are acting like progressives.

Americans should take note because progressives would like to curb our rights to free speech here as well.

- Wodun