Thursday, September 06, 2012

Awesome: Mike Rowe's Letter to Romney On Skilled Labor

Mike Rowe is even more awesome than previously thought.  (Marry me, Mike.)  Oh, be sure to read his open letter to the very end.  Zing!  Oh, and what this country needs is fewer bureaucrats and more Mike Rowes.  Here's more about the Dirty Jobs show and even more common-sensical, hard-working, pure awesomeness from Rowe's 2008 TED talk:

UPDATE:  Check this out!


Eric said...

I agree with Rowe that the K-12 American educational system, which dominates and shapes our formative years, restricts career options by only training us for a limited set of professions while teaching children to value those professions above other jobs.

The philosophy of American education needs to change.

Mad Minerva said...

Yes. Absolutely. But the cult of college-for-all is warping high school career counseling ... and the higher ed bubble is one horrible result.

lumpy said...

Whoah, hold on there!

(Marry me, Mike.)???

What would Ryan think?

Mad Minerva said...

Hahaha! Alas, the beautiful Ryan seems to be too smitten with Eva Mendes right now.