Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Therapy: Total Unhinged Vehicular Mayhem

Because no matter how bad your commute is, it can't be this bad.  Via Ace of Spades and the Cine-Sib, here come 13 minutes of pure insanity.  I don't speak Russian, but I think it's safe to say there should be a language warning if you do. I can't help but quote Ace too:
When you drive in Russia literally anything can happen - and does. If you watch the full 13 minutes of this video you'll see that the Russian driver has to be prepared for sheep, drunks, tires, trees, elks, front loaders, gun fights, power lines, helicopters, and even jet planes at any moment.
I haven't seen this many cars entertainingly crashed since the Blues Brothers. And yes wanton destruction makes me all tingly and happy inside.
I laughed uproariously ... and then watched the entire video all over again.

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