Thursday, October 04, 2012

Post-Debate: Romney 1, Obama 0

How do I know?  I'm logged into my usual social media platforms, and now that the debate's over, there has been absolute dead silence from my lefty, Obama-cheerleading friends.  No gloating.  No boasting.  No triumphal posturing.  Not even any spin.  There's TOTAL SILENCE.  And silence from this bunch of usually all-too-vocal lefties speaks volumes.  

Sure, during the debate there was the big stream of real-time critiques and complaints about Romney, but even in the middle of it, folks were unenthusiastic about Obama ... and right at the end, one lefty friend flat-out admitted that Romney was the better debater.  Oh, that must have been hard to say, but my buddy's a good honest person.  

Now I'm surveying the feedback from various sources, and - wow - the general consensus opinion from all around, including major media outlets, is that Romney won.  Shoot, even hard-core lefty Bill Maher admitted that his guy was in trouble.  Look, you all know that I'm not a huge Romney fan, but tonight he looked far more comfortable and  in command than Obama, who looked as though he was having no fun at all and came across as substantially deflated.  The glory days of 2008 are long gone, and his record is a liability.

Onto the VP debate between Ryan and Biden!  It's going to be a train wreck.  A highly entertaining one too, I hope.  Don't disappoint me, Crazy Uncle Joe.

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