Friday, May 01, 2009

Movie Madness: Wolverine Premieres, but MM's Arc Reactor Heart Is Elsewhere

It's May 1, movie mavens, so -- FINALLY -- the summer movie season is officially here! Now we have something to talk about besides swine flu, foreign policy flops, and our own imminent economic apocalypse! YAY!

The new X-Men movie premieres today, but the reviews are mixed. Even the Cinema-Mad Sibling isn't excited, and I can't seem to find enough motivation to go out and spend $10 for the thing. Is anyone else excited about Wolverine? (I mean, besides one very enthusiastic fellow from the New York Post?)

Yes, you read that right -- not even the Cine-Sib is excited. (His heart is elsewhere -- he's longing for the "Star Trek" reboot and "Transformers 2." Oh, I'll happily, eagerly throw down $10 for each of those. "Star Trek," by the way, premieres on May 7! Giant alien robots arrive on June 24.)

Then I check my email and find a little gift from the Sibling. Oh, just a reminder about where my superhero preferences really lie. Here is the first official still photo from -- yes, kids! -- "Iron Man 2." Oh, yeah. Give me a playful, quippy Tony Stark (with lots of tech toys) over a scowly, growly Wolverine (with the adamantine manicure issue) any day. Sure, they're both bad boys, but one is actually fun. And Robert Downey Jr. is that good in the role.

La Parisienne, let me share the eye candy both human and technological (note the different stages in developing the Iron Man suit!):

Back in black.

Mmmm, yeah! Better than coffee on this rainy, windy, chilly un-summery morning!

Thanks, Cine-Sib! Next time we're at the cinema together, I'll pay for your ticket -- and maybe even the popcorn to express my appreciation.

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