Monday, May 18, 2009

Nerd Notes: 7 College Cheating Scandals

The school term is ending and "Graduation Season" is beginning! Yes, from now until mid-June, you'll hear the melody of "Pomp and Circumstance" so often you just might go mad. By the way, I call it "Pompous Circus Dance," and that's probably closer to the truth. (Ever see a crowd of professors parading around in their outlandishly medieval and colorful robes with goofy hats and tassels? Sometimes it looks dignified; sometimes it looks like clowns on the march.)

Anyway, I thought I'd end the school term with a link to this interesting bit of campus history -- the history of 7 huge cheating scandals. Note: in each case, the students were busted.

By the way, let's now add Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" to the Nerdworld Soundtrack.

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