Friday, May 08, 2009

Movie Review: the Cine-Sib on "Star Trek"

In terms of looks alone, set phasers on "STUN."

Here's some background. The Cinema-Mad Sibling went to a late-night premiere last night, and this morning he called me with groggy enthusiasm. He sounded completely exhausted but also completely delighted. He proceeded to proclaim that he wore a red shirt to the cinema last night in honor of all the nameless red shirt ensigns (otherwise known as "cannon fodder on Kirk-Spock-McCoy away missions"). Funny guy, that Cine-Sib.

So! Since he was so tired, I didn't demand a full review, but I did want some immediate feedback.

"Review it in one word!" I said.

"Kick butt!"

"That's two words."

"Not if you HYPHENATE it. Kick-butt. One word."


He'll return later with a full review, but he just sent me a review in haiku. Here it is!

Star Trek new again
About time they got it right

Uhura... uh-hot

As for the Cine-Sib fuss about Uhura (Zoe Saldana), here's a little visual aid:

"Hailing frequencies open"
= Star Trekspeak for "What's your number, baby?"

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Coffee Nomad said...

I absolutely loved all the characters except for the new Spock -- i liked the original stoic version more than the new condescending version