Sunday, May 03, 2009

When Governments Dream of Utopia: Equality of Result...or Else!

I am too tired to rant about the inherent foolishness of it all. I'll let Professor Hanson do the ranting. He's better at it anyway!

I add the new blog tag "social engineering," because I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of it, driven by the elite/governing class who think they know better than us individuals how we should live our own lives.

For the last time: there is no way to guarantee equality of result without introducing punitive measures and glorifying mediocrity at the expense of real merit. The only thing we can aim for is a reasonable attempt at equality of opportunity.

Also: we'd be a lot better off if, instead of whining about equality and "level playing fields," we stopped playing the grievance violin, took responsibility for ourselves, and adopted a WORK ETHIC. As the Roman poet Virgil wrote centuries ago, labor omnia vincit -- "hard work conquers all." The man's got a point.

OH YES, A DEAD WHITE EUROPEAN IMPERIALIST ELITIST MALE SPEAKS FOR ME. I expect the campus diversity-multiculturalism thought-police to come bursting through my door at any moment now.


Marian said...

Hmmmm... my 0.20 Euro-Cents:

1.) glorifying mediocrity at the expense of real merit

If only all that would result in mediocrity! But don't we agree on the LCD, as far as education is concerned?

2.) Don't get lost in your freshly minted tags, dear!

3.) I just read "labor obama vincit"... Time for me to go to bed, I guess.

lumpy said...

I'd just like to add that, on this issue (and others, of course), a living Asian female speaks for me.

Isn't it a great world?

Mad Minerva said...

OK! We shall outwit the thought-police together!