Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun Video: Nathan Fillion's Guide to Hugs

Having a tough day, gentle reader?  Me too.  Time for a hug to make everything better.  There is, though, an art to a hug.  Let's watch Firefly alum Nathan "I Really Am Ruggedly Handsome!" Fillion give a valuable lesson.  Listen up, folks!  

Note too: If you're going to hug a person, then hug the person. Don't give the recipient some lame, half-hearted, awkward, hurried, fidgety side hug.  That's uncool.

Oh, and Nathan?  You can practice those hugs on me anytime.  You wouldn't want to get rusty, after all, would you? (Hey, people, don't you judge me!  Who doesn't want to hug Nathan Fillion/Captain Reynolds/Rick Castle?  And by "hug" I mean just "hug."  Sheesh.)

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