Friday, June 21, 2013

Latest NHS Skulduggery

True story: I was just chatting with a British friend of mine who was extolling the NHS and telling me "Don't believe the crap in the American media" about its various failings.  Almost instantly afterwards when I got home, I saw this horrible news item about a cover-up of babies' deaths at a Cumbria hospital ... and the story was not in the US news.  Nope, this is in the BBC, which also ran this editorial beginning:
In an interview on BBC radio, Care Quality Commission chairman David Prior described the allegation that his organisation covered up failings as "shocking". 
But perhaps the truly most shocking element of all this is that we are not really that surprised. 
The findings laid bare by consultants Grant Thornton on Wednesday confirms something that is becoming clearer and clearer as the months go by: that in the early part of the 21st century a rotten culture developed in the NHS in England that put self-interest ahead of patients. 
In short, the NHS stopped caring.
So, yeah. I don't need to "believe the crap in the American media" about the grotesqueries of the NHS and government-run health care.  The British media will do it just fine.  Meanwhile, 30 aggrieved families are taking legal action over infant and maternal deaths and injuries at that house of horrors hospital where the deaths and injuries went, as the news report, says, "unnoticed."  How damning.

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