Monday, June 24, 2013

Nothing Is So Obvious That You Don't Have To Spell It Out

Quote of the day on the increasingly scandal-ridden British government health care deathtrap NHS:
People working in the NHS need to know that they, and not some faceless administrator, Whitehall mandarin or government minister, are responsible for what happens to patients in their care. 
I can't believe things have reached such a miserable depth that the editorialist actually felt he had to explain this to people working in the NHS.  RELATED: Here.


Anonymous said...

Why punish health care workers for what politicians did?

- wodun

Mad Minerva said...

The health care workers in the hospital in question must bear some responsibility for the deaths and injuries that occurred to the patients in their care. Charges of neglect are serious indeed and must be fully investigated.

Politicians covering up the deaths and injuries are culpable as well.