Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Quote of the Day: An Old Marine On Naval Priorities

A member of the U.S. Naval Academy's Class of 1958 has some unvarnished (read: "politically incorrect but refreshingly honest") thoughts about the present state of things.  Here's a piece of his letter to the current academy superintendent:
"The cult of diversity has undermined the proper focus on mission accomplishment. Most of us who have actually fought 'in the trenches' in wartime don’t really care what race, creed or color our comrades-in-arms are. When we call for support in a 'danger close' situation we simply want the best qualified decision-makers in place to be dropping the bombs, firing the missiles or lobbing artillery our way. I don’t see how relaxed admissions and retention standards for minorities (or anyone else) at the premier officer training university in the country does anything to foster confidence that we will have that first team in place when faced with life and death situations. 
... The naval service is not about looking sharp, shuffling papers or making people feel good. It is primarily about accomplishing the mission and winning wars. If we don’t get our national priorities straight and our military doesn’t get re-focused, our armed forces may score high in political correctness, but will continue to get their butts kicked in far off places."
Of course, the hateful response to this from the usual circles will be boringly predictable.


Eric said...

"the premier officer training university in the country" = West Point, not Annapolis.

Other than that, yep.

Mad Minerva said...

Spoken like a true and loyal Army man! :-)