Friday, August 09, 2013

Couch Potato Chronicles: Souring On "Supernatural" and "Doctor Who"

La Parisienne just sent me this link to Wil Wheaton's blog, in which he nails the reason why we've all fallen out of love with Supernatural, a TV show that used to be so much fun.  It's too bad, because Jensen Ackles is really easy on the eyes and Misha Collins is just adorable.

On a related note, we've also fallen out of love with Doctor Who.  The show was never as much fun after the departure of Rory and Amy.  Recently the BBC with great fanfare announced Peter Capaldi as the next actor who will play the renegade Time Lord, but all I could summon up in response was "meh."  It's not Capaldi's fault.  I lay the blame squarely at the feet of showrunner Steven Moffat.  The season finale was a snoozefest, and in retrospect there are other issues too, some of which are covered here.

I should add, though, that I am emphatically not in the chorus of whining Whovians who seem to think that feminism's been gut-shot and left to die because the next Doctor is a man and not a woman.  Personally I thought that there was (a) practically zero chance that a woman would be cast as the Twelfth Doctor, while (b) maybe an actor of another race would be chosen.  Can you just imagine the glory of someone like Idris Elba in that role?  (No chance of Idris himself, though - he's far too busy being a star elsewhere.)

Anyway, another thought about the show: the Doctor's supposed to be the good guy and all, but everywhere he goes, he leaves a huge body count in his wake, and not just of bad guys.  Plenty of good people end up dead or injured or traumatized, and it's really starting to bother me. (Remember when the rot started to set in?)

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