Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sen. Tim Scott on the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Speech

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has written a nice little column to mark the day.  Do read.  Apparently he was not invited to speak at today's festivities in DC -  a fact I find not so much baffling as pathetically biased and blinkered on the part of the organizers.  Does the (R) after his name negate the fact that he is the only black Senator in Congress?   (Don't answer that.)

UPDATE: Iowahawk's tweet!  If you don't follow Iowahawk, you're doing Twitter wrong.



Eric said...

FYI, I posted a paper on MLK I wrote as an undergrad:

Martin Luther King: Integrationist and Black Separatist

Mad Minerva said...

I shall read once I get a moment! :-)

Eric said...

Cool. Given you're a history teacher and all, I look forward to your reaction to it.