Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quote of the Day: Remembering WWI

Apparently a kerfuffle has arisen over how to commemorate "the Great War."  The Germans and the Brits are not quite seeing eye to eye.  As food for thought, I give you a thought by a British history professor at Oxford:
“I understand Germany’s position. There is no virtue in offending Germany. But if we are going to honest to the history of this war from a British perspective, then it can’t all be about waste and futility. A lot of people fought and died thinking it was worthwhile. We need to respect what those motivations were. It’s not about being triumphalist, or even necessarily celebratory. It is about acknowledging that when the war ended there was a victory. The allies thought it was pretty important and would have been pretty disastrous if they had lost it.”

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