Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quote of the Day: Egypt in a Nutshell

Among the ever-proliferating analyses you can read now, I think this is a good distillation:
There is a war going on in Egypt. We may not like either side, but one side is clearly worse than the other. We need to make sure the Moslem Brotherhood doesn't emerge victorious in this war.
This seems obvious, but as I've often said, nothing is so obvious that you don't have to spell it out, especially in a world where some people in government can actually say with a straight face that the Brotherhood is "secular" and therefore benign.  (Other people get it and are acting in their own self-interest: the Saudis and company haven't decided to give the Egyptian military $12 billion for no reason: they want the Brotherhood smashed.)  Time to hold our noses and back Egypt's military.  Does that sound horrible?  Maybe. Sometimes reality is.

In related news, an Egyptian court has just ordered Hosni Mubarak let out of prison, so it's on like Donkey Kong.  As my buddy Alessandra quipped, "So ... Basically, the Egyptians got rid of Mubarak and put in Morsi, and then decided the new boss was so horrible they'd rather have their old boss back?"

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