Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Denial Is Not Just A River in Egypt

This speaks for itself, really:  Obama at the UN said that the world is a more stable place than it was 5 years ago.  We're living in the total defiance of reality, people.

How bad is bad?  Even the New York Times said he was "a somewhat diminished American president who faced a skeptical audience."  You don't say!

The Onion's mockery is now online.

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Eric said...

The cognitive dissonance by Obama is jaw-dropping.

If Obama had rejected the liberal foreign policy he inherited, that'd be one thing, but he kept it. To the UN, Obama repeated the liberal goals, justifications, and procedure championed by Bush after 9/11 - the same goals, justifications, and procedure the Democrats constantly undermined under Bush - yet he still insisted on disclaiming and blaming Bush despite that Bush merely rationally matched means to ends while seeking a real solution to difficult historic problems.

Obama kept the ends, dropped the means, and everywhere Obama has deviated from Bush has caused a regression in our foreign affairs. Yet Obama seems more insistent - and reliant - than ever on the increasingly obvious false narrative that Bush was wrong and he's right.

Obama's incompetence in foreign affairs is obvious to the world, yet Obama and the Democrats are committed to The Narrative that propelled Obama to the presidency in 2008 no matter how delusional and a lie their narrative is revealed to be.

Obama is a textbook Max-Weberian charismatic authority type.