Monday, November 05, 2012

Campaign Fatigue: One More Day

It's Guy Fawkes Day today, but the date that we all really care about is Election Day tomorrow.  Thank goodness this campaign season is almost over.  I think we're all exhausted.  I know I'm tired of hearing about campaign this and campaign that on every single communicative medium possible.  

We've reached saturation.  Polls, schmolls.  The only poll that matters is the one we have tomorrow.  Laughter is the best medicine, though, so here are a few things to make this last day a little more bearable:

The delightful Rachel Lucas on the tantalizing idea that this is going to be over soon.

A bit of dancing might be just the cure you need via JibJab.

io9 deals with campaign exhaustion by destroying the White House.

The now-famous video of a little girl who's had enough.  We all feel that pain, sweetie:

Alessandra recommends this hilarity:


Anonymous said...

I'm going to buy an unspecified number of beers and either drown my sorrows or celebrate.

When I wake up in the morning will go for a long walk through the woods to remind myself the sun still shines and the birds still sing regardless of who is in the White house.

I will soak up the aftermath in the media and then will unplug for a few days.

- Wodun

Mad Minerva said...

Sounds like a plan!