Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snarky Citizens and Online Petitions

Let me start off by saying that nobody's seriously considering secession (the last time anyone did, we had a little thing known as the American Civil War, right?), but people have also always thrown around the idea of rage-quitting.  A good healthy dose of snark is often a good thing, especially now.  Anyway, there's a White House petition about Texas secession that's made some news because it has over 60,000 signatures on it.  Before every humorless rube who doesn't understand political humor runs off to yell at Texas, though, please to remember that right now snarky citizens have begun secession petitions from every single state in the Union.  Yup, that's all 50 from Alaska to Wyoming.

The White House's online petition feature has proven itself irresistible to snarky, sarcastic folks for a while (for just one example, see this from the wags at, and I think that's good too.  That House should know that Americans are (occasionally rowdy, mouthy) citizens, not (meekly quiet) subjects.  And citizens should speak up, snarkily or not, as they please.  Look, petitions usually don't get results, but it's a chance to pipe up.  

I am now sorely tempted to start a petition requiring every single member of the federal government, beginning with the President and including every member of Congress, to take a college course in introductory economics (both micro and macro, and preferably taught by Professor Greg Mankiw).  Hmmmm.  Or that every single member of Congress must spend 1 day on a dirty job with Mike Rowe. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I'd wager the petition for Texas was started by someone in NY or LA. Just look at the signatures, so many of them are from other states.

This is trolling on an epic scale.

- wodun

Mad Minerva said...

If you're going to troll, troll BIG.