Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Here, Read This

Well, last night was bad and I (still!) have a chocolate hangover.  After a day of half-hearted research and trying to avoid obnoxiously gloating Obamacolytes, I'm too tired to write, but some of my favorite wordsmiths weigh in, so do read them:
Well, obviously we have a lot of work to do.  But it's possible. Look, I've said before that it is incomprehensible how the establishment GOP can't seem to reach out effectively to minorities and immigrants, Asians and Hispanics.  I am so freaking hoping that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and the young guard can jump-start a fresh approach that's so desperately needed.  

Meanwhile, I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that half the voting populace of the country saw the dismal economy first-hand and the looming wreck of entitlements and debt and still voted for more of the same.  I just can't.  It's like everybody's gone completely insane and can't even do basic math.

Now here's some Frank J. Fleming for a good laugh on a day when we're all licking our election wounds and watching the Dow swan-dive over 300 points today in response to yesterday's shenanigans.  

Yesterday, today ... We can't do anything about that.  But that brings us to:

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