Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amusing Zoology News: Female Peacocks Aren't Impressed by Colorful Male Feathers

Well, it now looks as though everything I was taught about peacock plumage is wrong!

New research from the University of Tokyo suggests that female peacocks (peahens) don't care much about the males' magnificent feathers.

Take a look at the photo accompanying the news story. It has a peacock fully displaying his tail plumage for a a peahen who doesn't seem to notice. The caption? "Whatever."


Perhaps peahens, like many a girl I know, aren't impressed by show-offs!


This reminds me of a funny story from my childhood, though. When the family would go to the zoo, I would ask my mom in Taiwanese to (I quote) "make the peacock bloom." She would whistle, and the peacock would always display his feathers. My mom still tells the story since I used the word for "bloom" -- the same word you use to talk about flowers opening. She thinks it was a cute thing for a kid to say!

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