Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nerd Journal: Happy Easter + Spring's First Robin!

It's a cold but sunny Resurrection Sunday, so let me wish you all a lovely Easter! Here is a Fra Angelico for your artistic enjoyment.

The weekend's been busy, but I'll be back with more tomorrow. For now, here's a summary:
  • Yesterday I saw both the spring's first robin AND the first crocus flower of the season! These are two sure signs of spring and warm weather to come, so it's always delightful to see that first robin and first crocus (this year's first crocus was orange -- a surprise, since usually I see purple ones).
  • The Sibling and mother and I have been on the phone all weekend talking about the Taiwan election and Ma's (very big) victory. It's too early, I think, to be able to analyze the results fully, but I can tell you that everyone is buzzing and that my group is not at all pleased (neither is Taiwan watcher Michael). Even the western media has finally started covering the results, although as usual the "analysis" is silly, stupid, uninformed, biased, ridiculous, or all of those things. I'll be back later with an attempt at news/analysis/commentary. One little nerd note, though, since I can't help myself: Ma is a Harvard man. Whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on what you think of Hahvahd!
  • Tomorrow I'm back to class (*sigh*). Still, with robins and flowers beginning to appear, there is hope that the school term will be over eventually!

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